Re: [gardeners] Voting Soon?

Liz Albrook (
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 18:36:32 +0000

Catharine Vinson <> wrote:

> Verily, verily, it was the epitome of selectivity and exclusivity.
> Alas, they had to open the doors and admit riff raff like me when
> the club was ripped assunder from inside by the bickering of its
> carefully selected membership. The club is now well on its way to
> imploding. <bg>

With regards to the Select Ladies of the Sothron States club -- it's 
nice that they've made you a member of the working class, dear.  :-)  
And as far as implosions go, you should send them a copy of a bit of 
classical music -- a copy of the Beetles singing "I get by with a 
little help from my friends".


sorry that there is no electronic version of Cranes