Re: [gardeners] Voting Soon?

Liz Albrook (
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 18:32:00 +0000

George Shirley <> wrote:

> I thought you were a member of some ladies club there in that
> provincial town in Idaho you live in!

No, it's Catharine that's in one of those ladies clubs.  I don't have 
the requisite number of guns or big enough hair to join any of the 
Ideehoe ladies clubs.  There's a garden club here but they let that 
woman that writes the gardening column for our paper in so  I know I 
don't want to join.  I've been considering clipping some of St. 
Lawndale's columns and mailing them to her for inspiration.

I've just re-read that last collection of jumbled sentences I 
laughing refer to as a paragraph and can see that I need to make a 
clarification.  Ms. Vinson also wouldn't qualify for a ladies club 

Does anyone know what sort of nightly temps snapdragons can tolerate 
in the spring?  I have got to put some fill in plants in my flower