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Thu, 09 Apr 1998 21:57:04 -0400

At 06:32 PM 09-04-98 +0000, Liz Albrook wrote:
>George Shirley <> wrote:
>> I thought you were a member of some ladies club there in that
>> provincial town in Idaho you live in!
>No, it's Catharine that's in one of those ladies clubs.  I don't have 
>the requisite number of guns or big enough hair to join any of the 
>Ideehoe ladies clubs.  There's a garden club here but they let that 
>woman that writes the gardening column for our paper in so  I know I 
>don't want to join.  I've been considering clipping some of St. 
>Lawndale's columns and mailing them to her for inspiration.
>I've just re-read that last collection of jumbled sentences I 
>laughing refer to as a paragraph and can see that I need to make a 
>clarification.  Ms. Vinson also wouldn't qualify for a ladies club 
>Does anyone know what sort of nightly temps snapdragons can tolerate 
>in the spring?  I have got to put some fill in plants in my flower 

Around here (Great Lakes) they go until a *very* heavy frost in the fall,
so I'd guess that they might take 25 F if they had some cover.  I think as
long as the ground is not frozen, and the leaves aren't allowed to get
frozen, you'd be safe.

How's that for sheer guesswork?  How close am I, Kay?

Lucinda, enduring cold spring weather today.