Re: [gardeners] Garden Clubs

George Shirley (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 08:45:59

Sounds just like the garden club Miz Anne belonged to back in the Sixties.
Women only, no men except the waiters and the bartender. If you forgot to
wear your girdle one day you got talked about. "Ladies don't jiggle, you
know." She made three meetings and said the hell with it. Gardening was
never mentioned nor were any flowers or vegetables in evidence except the
plastic ones on the table. Just as well, they probably wouldn't have
approved of our fertility rites in the garden. <VBG>


At 06:06 AM 4/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Ah, memories of my garden club days when we lived in clemson.  My hubby was
>a member of the faculty there and I had two small children.  but when the
>dept. chair's wife found out I had a degree in HORTICULTURE, she insisted
>that I join her garden club - the Fort Hill Garden Club. We mostly attended
>meetings fully attired in suits, hats and white gloves.  Dranks lots of
>tea, ate sandwiches and cookies but didn't do much gardening.  Did have a
>flower show.  Have avoided joining one here - this list is a much of a
>garden club as I need!
>	Barb - still in cool windy damp Missouri - will nice weather NEVER come?
>Makes the daffodils etc. last longer, however.  
>Barb Rothenberger
>Columbia, Mo.
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