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Barb Rothenberger (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 17:32:30 -0500

Problem was I sorta had to go - or at least FELT like it was a command
attendance.  Did I say I was the youngest one in the group as well?  Lots
of white hair.  In the south, they KNEW my husband was a yawankee, but with
me being from Missouri, they really didn't KNOW!  We were only there three
years, but it was a lovely town to reside in and we loved all the plant
material that we were able to go.  I cried as we left the gardenia bush and

At 08:45 AM 4/10/98, you wrote:
>Sounds just like the garden club Miz Anne belonged to back in the Sixties.
>Women only, no men except the waiters and the bartender. If you forgot to
>wear your girdle one day you got talked about. "Ladies don't jiggle, you
>know." She made three meetings and said the hell with it. Gardening was
>never mentioned nor were any flowers or vegetables in evidence except the
>plastic ones on the table. Just as well, they probably wouldn't have
>approved of our fertility rites in the garden. <VBG>
>At 06:06 AM 4/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Ah, memories of my garden club days when we lived in clemson.  My hubby was
>>a member of the faculty there and I had two small children.  but when the
>>dept. chair's wife found out I had a degree in HORTICULTURE, she insisted
>>that I join her garden club - the Fort Hill Garden Club. We mostly attended
>>meetings fully attired in suits, hats and white gloves.  Dranks lots of
>>tea, ate sandwiches and cookies but didn't do much gardening.  Did have a
>>flower show.  Have avoided joining one here - this list is a much of a
>>garden club as I need!
>>	Barb - still in cool windy damp Missouri - will nice weather NEVER come?
>>Makes the daffodils etc. last longer, however.  
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Barb Rothenberger
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