Re: [gardeners] Garden Clubs

penny x stamm (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 17:25:14 -0400

Gee, Barb, daughter DJ in St.Louis said this morning that the
tulips are all opening up everywhere, and there will be a
fabulous weekend, garden and weather wise!  She said all
those dire weather predictions side-slipped St.Louis, so they
didn't even get any rain... 

She's into glass blowing with a vengeance, with classes at 
the college just across the Mighty Mississippi, and in the mail
today I received a BIG surprise:  a new hand-blown glass vase 
for small flower cuttings!  It's white on the interior showing thru
the glass, very heavy which is good, has a few well-placed 
bubbles embedded in the glass, and a random bead of turquoise
glass near the bottom. Lovely!

V-e-r-y heavy gardening will resume when glass school closes
for the summer. They are transforming the big front and back
yards into a show place, with their bare hands and the rental of
a small bearcat..  More power to 'em!

Penny, zone 6, NY     [Jimmie says he heard that it will drop to
			20* tonight..... Yikes!] 

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