Re: [gardeners] Pansies and philosophy

penny x stamm (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 17:39:25 -0400

Liz, I planted 48 "winter hardy" pansies in Sept. of '95. They
were the most fantastic neighborhood hit because every time
the snow melted down to their height, they sat in their white 
blanket, blooming like lunatics!  

OK, I planted 48 new ones in '96. They never even showed
one single blossom during the winter, even tho the source was
identical, and the location was the same. However, they did
look good by April, and I left them there until July.

My daughter planted 24 fresh ones in '97 for me. Once again,
not even one bloom in the wintertime, and besides, only about
12 survived. Now the bed looks ridiculous,  right by the front
door with silly spaces all over the place -- I am told that unless
we have lots of snow, those pansies will not perform. I'm so
angry right now with the situation that I have vowed never to
plant them again! 

The temptation, of course, is to trot out right now and buy up
an extra 2 dozen, plant them in the holes, and enjoy them 
for a few months. Yes, we can get the 'antique' colors. I keep
saying I Will Not Do It. But I may.............

Penny, zone 6, NY

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