[gardeners] new kitten

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 06:33:10 -0500

	Ray and I drove to north Missouri yesterday - was over a 300 mile round
trip journey, but came home with a darling new kitten.  We haven't named
him yet (spent most of the ride home trying to think up a name) but he is
adorable and quite a character.  Dusty is NOT too thrilled, but is very
curious and would like to get to know the newcomer.  New kitten is somewhat
taken aback by Dusty (who wouldn't find a large gray persian unsettling?)
	New kitten is a fairly new breed of cat called a ragdoll. They look like a
Himilayan, only hair isn't as long (won't mat) and face isn't as smushed
in.  They are not supposed to have the various health problems that
persians have (Dusty is alreayd collecting tartar on his teeth at 1 1/2
years and I have to pill him every three days because of a nervous bowel
disorder).  They are called ragdolls because of their ability to relax like
a child's Ragdoll.
  I searched the internet to find a place to buy one and found this one in
the classified ads of the Kansas City Star! 
	We still miss our 20 year old shaded silver persian that we lost two weeks
ago but hope the new kitten will help.  Know things will not be as peaceful
and quiet around here as they have been!  Wish us luck.
  BTW - to keep this garden related, it was wonderful to see all the
redbuds and the wild plum blooming along the interstate as well as the
trees starting to leaf out.  Now if my nose would just quit SNEEZING!!!!
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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