Re: [gardeners] Gardens and kids

George Shirley (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:43:48

At 09:20 PM 4/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 06:40 PM 27-04-98, you wrote:
>>Was out in the gardens today, just poking around, pulling a weed or two,
>>caressing a few herbs, admiring the chiles that are making fruit, exhorting
>>the tomatoes to grow, bloom, and set fruit, and just generally enjoying the
>>day off. 
>>Got to thinking about our latest grandchild, who is going to look like her
>>daddy, has black hair, fair skin, and looks as though she might have his
>>grey-blue eye color once she gets past the baby eyes stage. This child is
>>going to start life in a condo in the Galleria area of Houston. No exposure
>>to plants other than the regimented whatever-is-in right now that the condo
>>association grows in the very few beds they allow. 
>Don't worry overmuch, George; when a kid arrives a family soon outgrows a
>condo if they can afford to do so.

They just bought this one, 2 BR/2BA place, about 1200 feet. Since there
probably won't be any more kiddos in that family it should last awhile.

>>Looks like we will have to get possession of this child for a week or two
>>each summer and maybe a few weekends in between, just to expose her to a
>>life that is outside the YEA (Yuppie Entitlement Area)she will be growing
>>up in. The DIL cares naught for plants and dirt but adores possessions.
>>Yessir, it's gonna take a lot of work to keep a girl child from turning
>>into a big-haired Texas wannabe queen. I think we're up to it. Have had
>>great success along that line with a daughter and the elder granddaughter,
>>both of whom garden, fish, and like the outdoors.
>>By the by, the daughter just got an $1100.00 PTA grant to develop more
>>raised bed gardens at her school. The principal is now asking her to work
>>with the other teachers so that each grade at the elementary school will
>>have it's own raised bed garden. Must have been the publicity she got with
>>the pre-k gardens, which we saw for the first time since they were planted.
>>The herb and flower gardens are looking great.
>That is a great deal of money for a grant these days.  Real luck, I'd say.
>Sounds a wonderful project.
>>Gotta go, need to baste the brisket cooking in the oven. This one has
>>another hour at 350F then 8 to 10 hours at 125F. Got a good mopping sauce
>>I'm laying on this one. Sleepy Dawg is licking her chops and whiffing the
>>air stream coming from the direction of the kitchen. Shoulda named her
>>Minnie the Moocher!
>>George, Life is good