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penny x stamm (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:42:58 -0400

Cheryl, our son reports from Rochester, NY (somewhere near you?)
that it was 34* last night. Down here by Long Island Sound, just 20 
miles north of NYC, it was 39* -- and we have spent Saturday and
Monday being frozen and blown off the earth as we worked outside. 
Don't remember such a strange spring in all my life!  

Even more difficult has been my effort at getting a realistic photo
of my most spectacular shrubs which have reach 4 ft high and wide,
in the front of the house. They are actually small-leaf rhododendrons,
(which of course look like azaleas) but the color is neon blue...! They
absolutely SHOUT at you ..... In the past, all my efforts at photo-
graphing both these Starry Night rhodies and my many blue summer
asters has met with frustration, for the pictures are always too light.
So today Jimmie and I sweated out the theory of changing lenses,
using the camera on manual, and taking some shots. Until we let
computers in this house, we had our own dark room -- there ain't
enuff time in the world to be involved with both hobbies -- so we
could have processed the film immediately, and proven our 
results. Now all we can do is to hope that we have paid attention to
the theories, and taken plenty of experimental shots before the
blooms are gone... 

I did have an awful lot of trouble seeing the camera exposure 
which comes up inside the viewfinder, and it drove me crazy! It
wasn't until later that I realized that all the time, I had been wearing
my sun glasses, doggonnit..  How could I have been such an idiot?

Penny, zone 6

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