Re: [gardeners] Back to the land of the living

Rosemary Carlson (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:19:57

Lucinda and all: See below.

At 06:31 AM 4/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Rosemary, how can she prevent this?  Once the estate is settled, the house
>goes on the market and anyone can buy it, unless, of course, your uncle
>left specific conditions to the contrary.  hich he didn't.  In any case,
>the house would have to be sold as an arms-length transaction, which means
>no consideration given to anyone.  I'd see a lawyer before worrying about
>your aunt.

My uncle's will was wierd (and he didn't intend for it to even BE his final
will....but such is life). All 16 heirs have a 1/16 interest in the real
estate - house and land. We have an estate attorney so he's already
interpreted the will for us - as has the judge. The way the will is written
- the house now belongs to all 16 heirs and there has to be UNANIMOUS
agreement on a purchase price/buyer - or it will be auctioned, most
probably. This is why estates stay tied up forever sometimes. Should be a
lesson to all of us! Write your will (and update it regularly) and be SURE
of what you are stipulating. My uncle, I'm SURE, had no idea what his will
really meant.

>BTW, how would getting off a mountain in the middle of winter be any easier
>than commuting 150 miles?  I suppose you'd save on gas if you slid......

Trade my Volvo in for a 4 wheel drive! That's the plan. It'll be worth it
to live in solitude and peace in the woods!

>I'll check your site out eventually.  I did one course a couple of years
>ago on the net for distance ed, but only partly since not all of our
>students off campus have online access.  I find grading by email to be more
>time consuming than paper mode.  

I use special "teaching on the Internet" course software. Assignments are
uploaded as files - or sent as email. Yes! VERY time consuming!

Back to grading! :)