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penny x stamm (
Fri, 8 May 1998 02:16:38 -0400

George, tell me more about those hot dogs... The  most we've 
ever fixed had sauerkraut, relish and mustard on them. That
would appeal to me, but not to Jim. For him it's either beef or
Chinese. Actually, it's either Chinese or beef .....  and I do mean
rare. No cholesterol problem, obviously.

The rainy weather has driven us nuts -- we cannot plant, mow,
or finish the underground soaker assembly. But this afternoon
the sun came out for an hour, and Jim struggled with the lawn
mower while I planted onion sets and watermelons, and carted
barrels of clumped grass over to the compost. 

We are upset to observe that the three kinds of Chinese snow peas
(NK Brand) are not germinating properly.  We have a failure of
about 60%. Never ran into this before, and the seeds are this
year's crop.  Anybody have some hints..? BTW, this is one crop
we always grow, and have never run into this trouble before.

Jim and I have to drive down to Pennsylvania over Saturday
and Sunday, and we are promised more rain, thunderstorms, 
gold-ball sized hail and of course, the possibility of tornados. 
Very uncomfortable feeling for a 3-1/2 hr ride! We are slipping into 
New York City to pick up Jim's 84 & 89-y-o cousins for the trip,
and plan to make a stop in Fort Lee, NJ, for a sushi feast.

The fun part of the trip will be the visit to the Farmer's Market
in Reading, Pa, where we will fill the trunk with flower seedlings
and perhaps two great big hanging baskets for the front porch. 

We happen to live about 45 minutes north of Yankee Stadium.
Now most people are unaware of it, but underneath and alongside
the stadium there's an impromptu farmer's market at this time of
year where dozens of small-time growers come with their panel 
trucks or a bit larger, loaded to the gills with trays of seedlings
and baskets. The prices are outragiously low, the plants are
invariably excellent -- only problem is that one has to be there at
4:00 in the morning, to catch the stuff before it is sold out. 

Penny, zone 4, NY

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