Re: [gardeners] Bugs

Tom Clothier (
Fri, 8 May 1998 08:32:22 -0500

From: George Shirley <>

>Okay folks, poking around in the garden this afternoon and found a couple
>of tomato plants infested with some kind of little red bug critter. Just
>about - that long, dull red, big butt, small head. Squished a bunch of them
>but to many for that. Any ideas what they are and how to kill?

Aphids on tomatoes are red
Aphids on apples are green
Aphids on Asclepias are golden orange
Aphids on peas are tan
Aphids on lovage are black

at least in Chicago area.  blast them off with a water spray or use
Kay's formula for soapy water spray.  The American goldfinch is also
fond of red aphids.

zone 5a, NE Illinois, -21F Min