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Matt Trahan (
Sun, 10 May 1998 11:06:27 -0400

>Date: Sat, 09 May 1998 09:42:20
>From: George Shirley <>
>Subject: Re: [gardeners] Chat, Net friend's arrival
>Yo Matt, good to hear from you. Had wondered if bidness was getting you
>completely down. Your garden sounds good and complex too. Why don't you
>just pack up and move further south, say zone 11 Florida? My poor old zone
>9b wouldn't be tropical enough for you. My papaya tree is growing good and
>we're eating tomatoes, chard, lettuce, and radishes out of the spring
>garden already. The bougainvillea is in full bloom and the tropical
>hibiscus are blooming too. It's gonna be about 90F again today with high
>humidity. Nah, wouldn't be tropical enough for you guys. <VBG>

Hi there!  "good and complex" is a wonderful compliment. "A little over the
top" might be more accurate though. <VBG>  I do enjoy getting stuck in my
former life in Hawaii.
 Many times I miss being able to start anything at any time of the year.
I'm a terrible procrastinator. It was great when it was ok to move trees or
plant a few veggies whenever I finally got my butt in gear.

 Sue's Mom and Dad finally moved down this January. "We're not saying we
want you to have children, we just want to be able to help out if you do
decide to have them."  <VVVBG> 
 We've been having a lot of fun canoeing in Merchants Millpond, messing
with the computers and just hanging out. Bill and I enjoy each others
company, and we're learning to talk more softly. (We're both a bit deaf,
we'll be talking loudly to each other as we're walking into Lowes, and
everyone turns around. LOL)

 The banana's and tropical hibiscus are blooming nicely here too. 'course
we have to bring them indoors for 6 months a year. <VBG>
 Are the Bogie's hardy in the ground for you? I know you rarely get frost,
but will they come back from it? I really miss them as an eight foot hedge
that blooms 12 months a year. The gallon pot hanging baskets just look so
small, beautiful as they are.
 And the $64,000 question, can you grow mangoes?

 Bill is originally from east Texas, so he's fine in the heat. Priscilla is
a New Englander, so our summers are a bit more than she's used to.
 They lived in Dallas for 4 years, when they were first married, before
moving back to Massachuessettes for 37 years.
 She had their first child while they lived in Dallas, in *September*, so I
try to remind her our heat isn't too bad. :-)  Thank God for central air.
She has been doing a bit more gardening than she used to do up in Mass
(cave shade from to many trees) so she is having fun.

 We will all be moving back to Hawaii in a few years, after we win the
lottery. 60 is a low, 90 is a rare high and humidity in the 30 to 60
percent range.
 Y'all come, Aloha nio kaoi

Matt Trahan  <>
USDA zone 8, Sunset zone 31, AHS heat zone 7, northeastern N.C.

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