Re: [gardeners] Saturday gardening

Rosemary Carlson (
Sat, 23 May 1998 16:17:16 -0400

Wish I, like Margaret, could send some of you our rain. We had the most
intense thunderstorm last night that I've seen in the 25 years I've lived
in Lexington. Unbelievable. My basement leaked - and it has NEVER leaked
before. Didn't just leaked - gushed. And I'll be putting this house up for
sale later in the summer. More work to do on it!

The ground is more than saturated with water. I haven't planted my tomatoes
and cukes yet - the ground is mud. No annuals out either. Last night, my
perennials were beat to death by hard rain, winds greater than 55 mph. and
hail the size of marbles. But, they're tough. I hate it, however, about the
peony blossoms! They were beautiful - but now they are mostly gone. The
roses are all setting buds - and it didn't look like they were hurt. The
clematis (Nelly Moser and Gypsy Queen) are flowering - the Nelly is almost
finished. The Gypsy is just starting. Yarrow is blooming as are red hot
pokers. Wargrave pink geranium is blooming and is very nice. Dianthus is
finished - but was gorgeous. The mint is covering the area under the
stairway to the high deck. That's just what I wanted it to do! Irises have
been beautiful - but are almost finished. It's time for the summer flowers
to come on - but there hasn't been enough sun! 

I made a cemetary visit yesterday to my dad's and aunt's and uncle's grave
- the cemetary was gorgeous with peonies and rhodies flowering. All the
flags were out - and at my dad's and uncle's graves - in honor of the

On a personal note, they have broken ground for my new house!!! I'm in the
woods - and the trees have been cleared for the house and garage - but
there are probably 100 big mature trees left on my 100 acre lot. No clear
cutting - so only the trees right on the house site were taken out. I did
have one extra tree taken out - a rather ugly black oak that was only 3
foot from my back deck. It didn't look very sturdy. Most of the trees on
the property are white oak, black oak, burr oak, and all varieties of
maple. The builder has taken out most of the poplar that are close to the
house as they aren't sturdy. The bulldozer is there, holes are being dug,
the septic system is being laid, and the builder hopes to pour the footer
by the end of next week. I can now visualize my house (and gardens!) there
and think I'll have a fine place for rhodies (which I've never grown),
azaleas, and maybe even mountain laurel! Living in the sunny city, I've
never tried to grow the mountain laurel though it is native to this area.
I've got a great place to try it now. 

Don't anticipate moving in until late September or October. Or later if the
rain doesn't stop. All is going well so far....if the construction loan
interests payments don't break me up! I'm also thinking about buying a
vehicle - I'll need a 4 X 4 to get off that mountain in the winter!

I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend. I hope to do some gardening and
yard work - if the rain ever stops!

Rosemary in Lexington, KY
zone 6