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George Shirley (
Sat, 23 May 1998 19:11:35

At 12:57 PM 5/23/98 -0600, you wrote:
>At 10:28 AM 5/23/98, you wrote:
>>A 12 foot row of chard is ready to pick and freeze but I'm tired already.
>>Will get them and the 12 foot row of NZ spinach tomorrow. Picked a pint of
>>early blueberries yesterday evening and had a batch with my cereal this
>>morning. Also had to get up in the very small attic and put a new fan belt
>>on the 36 inch exhaust fan. Glad no one was around to see my fat behind
>>crawling around up there with a little flashlight in my mouth.
>>Back to the kitchen.
>ROTF, George.  Hope you didn't get your mouth stuck open like Dagwood used
>to do when he used his mouth to hold flashlights.  
>What variety of green beans did you plant?  Is your chard the Bright Lights
>(or five color) chard? 

We went back to one of the old standards last year, Kentucky Wonder, and it
has been producing prolificly for us and keeps producing up until frost.
Yup, Bright Lights chard it is. Went to a picnic today at 3 pm, my
contribution was a huge salad of, mostly, chard and NZ spinach with a
little lettuce, fresh cukes and tomatoes, french sorrel, salad burnet, leaf
celery, a little lovage, chives and chive flowers,  Longhorn peppers, and
nastursium leaves and flowers. Was a big hit, especially topped with a
light vinegar and olive oil dressing with fresh garlic, cracked black
pepper, and a couple of chopped casabella chiles (very hot) in it.
>I'd certainly love to send our too-abundant rains to you and to Pat in
>Texas.  Most of my garden hasn't been planted, and the ground is too soggy
>to work in.  More rains are predicted for Mon., but today is glorious.
>Best, Margaret
It was a beautiful afternoon on Moss Lake, part of our local riverine
estuary, today. My friends, the doctors Drumwright had boiled crawfish,
boiled crabs, barbecued brisket and pork loin and the usual sausage. A good
time was passed by all with boat rides, fishing from the bank, swapping
tales, etc. I got to compare tattoos with, of all things, a couple of young
women who had more tattoos than I do. A beautiful day with friends is a

George, who would take some rain, dehydrated or not.