Re: [gardeners] Garden

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 23 May 1998 12:57:55 -0600

At 10:28 AM 5/23/98, you wrote:
>A 12 foot row of chard is ready to pick and freeze but I'm tired already.
>Will get them and the 12 foot row of NZ spinach tomorrow. Picked a pint of
>early blueberries yesterday evening and had a batch with my cereal this
>morning. Also had to get up in the very small attic and put a new fan belt
>on the 36 inch exhaust fan. Glad no one was around to see my fat behind
>crawling around up there with a little flashlight in my mouth.
>Back to the kitchen.
ROTF, George.  Hope you didn't get your mouth stuck open like Dagwood used
to do when he used his mouth to hold flashlights.  

What variety of green beans did you plant?  Is your chard the Bright Lights
(or five color) chard?  

I'd certainly love to send our too-abundant rains to you and to Pat in
Texas.  Most of my garden hasn't been planted, and the ground is too soggy
to work in.  More rains are predicted for Mon., but today is glorious.
Best, Margaret