[gardeners] Saturday gardening

Cynthia Mayeaux (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 23 May 1998 15:59:17 -0400

It was a beautifully calm morning so I started out about 6:30 a.m. spraying
some Round-up on the Knapweed and some copper shield on my roses.  Spent
some time with the Safer's too, as I have tent worms trying to devour
everything.  The big ones I can pick off, and they seem to have an affinity
for my grandiflora's (of course).

I'm in the same boat as George, having to water everything is beginning to
be quite a chore.  We haven't seen rain in my area for a month or so.  I
just keep moving the sprinkler from spot to spot, then start all over again.

I have been working on an area for a knot garden.  De-sodded a 24'x20'
area, tilled, added compost, and tilled again.  This morning I rolled it
all out flat and laid out the knot pattern.  I used carpenters chalk to do
the layout.  It comes in wild colors and the refill bottles have a pointed
spout, worked great for aim and shoot accuracy.  My lavender's and
artemesia's arrived from Richter's in great shape, and I have been
hardening them off.  Tomorrow I will put them in the ground.  That should
be an all day project.

I've got some Mrs. Bradshaw's ready to bloom.  The dianthus are looking
good.  I have daylillies blooming, and yellow and purple Iris are opening
up.  The melons have buds and I've seen a lot of bumble bee activity.  Last
year I didn't see but a couple of big old bumblers, so nice to hear their
low drone as the clumsily settle into the spiderwort blossoms.  My field
daisies are a drift of bobbing white, the poppy volunteers are all over the

I'm on vacation so will have a whole week of yardplay, and next weekend I'm
going to take a motorcycle safety class and get my cycle license.

As George would say....life is good.

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