Re: [gardeners]rainfall

jaime (
Mon, 25 May 1998 10:32:54 -0400

> >And 9 inches in a 5 day period over the last couple weeks, and a 
> >total of nearly 18" in May out here in Jefferson.  I have a 
> >swamp to prove it.  Unfotunately a collection of thymes are not 
> >swamp-lovers.   Jaime

> If you need to send your thymes to a dryer area for a rest I'll volunteer
> some space in the herb garden. The 4 varieties I have would appreciate the
> company. <VBG>

George, this certainly is the reverse of usual, ain't it?  
Yer usually drowning. But actually, I'd love to do that if I 
get dibs on new starts if mine expire from 2 months in the 
swamp.  You should see this stunning T. praecox arcticus 'White 
Moss'.  Now that winter is over, it has become a light emerald 
green mat.  That was one of my new ones.  I have a few of the 
gold & silver variegated ones that are looking really peaked, 
too.  The difficulty is I'm afraid if I try to dig in the muck 
(as I sink into it ankle-deep) I'll do more damage than good.  
So I'm going to try to wait until some of the water has 

If you'd really like to do this, please let me know.

> George, who envies the rain everyone else is getting

I know.  I feel awful about this.  Daviddd is not even planting 
his main crops in Arkansas because he can't withstand 2 
consecutive years of drought and he can't irrigate the 50 or so 
acres.  I wish we could run a pipline from here to there for you 

NW NJ, zone 6/5