Re: [gardeners]rainfall

George Shirley (
Mon, 25 May 1998 14:04:24

At 10:32 AM 5/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> >And 9 inches in a 5 day period over the last couple weeks, and a 
>> >total of nearly 18" in May out here in Jefferson.  I have a 
>> >swamp to prove it.  Unfotunately a collection of thymes are not 
>> >swamp-lovers.   Jaime
>> If you need to send your thymes to a dryer area for a rest I'll volunteer
>> some space in the herb garden. The 4 varieties I have would appreciate the
>> company. <VBG>
>George, this certainly is the reverse of usual, ain't it?  
>Yer usually drowning. But actually, I'd love to do that if I 
>get dibs on new starts if mine expire from 2 months in the 
>swamp.  You should see this stunning T. praecox arcticus 'White 
>Moss'.  Now that winter is over, it has become a light emerald 
>green mat.  That was one of my new ones.  I have a few of the 
>gold & silver variegated ones that are looking really peaked, 
>too.  The difficulty is I'm afraid if I try to dig in the muck 
>(as I sink into it ankle-deep) I'll do more damage than good.  
>So I'm going to try to wait until some of the water has 

If it looks like you're going to lose them anyway I would wade in there and
pot some starts up for dryer times. If you want to send some down here for
me to hold for you go ahead. I'll just pot them in some large, shallow
terracotta pots and put them on the bench under the roof overhang. I keep
starts of mine up there just in case. My herbs are planted on about a 12
degree slope so it stays pretty dry there.

>If you'd really like to do this, please let me know.
>> George, who envies the rain everyone else is getting
>I know.  I feel awful about this.  Daviddd is not even planting 
>his main crops in Arkansas because he can't withstand 2 
>consecutive years of drought and he can't irrigate the 50 or so 
>acres.  I wish we could run a pipline from here to there for you 
>NW NJ, zone 6/5
We have lots of groundwater so will make it as long as we can water the
plants. We now have saltwater all the way up the estuary (50 miles plus) to
the salt water barrier. It's been that long since it rained that people are
catching saltwater fish 50 miles from the gulf.