Re: [gardeners] Saturday gardening

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 26 May 1998 07:41:42 -0600

>On a personal note, they have broken ground for my new house!!! I'm in the
>woods - and the trees have been cleared for the house and garage - but
>there are probably 100 big mature trees left on my 100 acre lot. No clear
>cutting - so only the trees right on the house site were taken out. I did
>have one extra tree taken out - a rather ugly black oak that was only 3
>foot from my back deck. It didn't look very sturdy. Most of the trees on
>the property are white oak, black oak, burr oak, and all varieties of
>maple. The builder has taken out most of the poplar that are close to the
>house as they aren't sturdy. The bulldozer is there, holes are being dug,
>the septic system is being laid, and the builder hopes to pour the footer
>by the end of next week. I can now visualize my house (and gardens!) there
>and think I'll have a fine place for rhodies (which I've never grown),
>azaleas, and maybe even mountain laurel! Living in the sunny city, I've
>never tried to grow the mountain laurel though it is native to this area.
>I've got a great place to try it now. 
I hope none of the poplars are near the septic system.  They're notorious
for roots invading pipes, drainfields, etc.

>Don't anticipate moving in until late September or October. Or later if the
>rain doesn't stop. All is going well so far....if the construction loan
>interests payments don't break me up! I'm also thinking about buying a
>vehicle - I'll need a 4 X 4 to get off that mountain in the winter!
>I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend. I hope to do some gardening and
>yard work - if the rain ever stops!
>Rosemary in Lexington, KY
>zone 6
I hope you enjoyed a letup, Rosemary.  We had one nice day, so I got 32
chiles planted, THEN came in the house and looked at my garden map.  I had
planted chiles in the same row I planted them last year.  %^&*( and #!!
The next day, morning was dry so DH helped me move all of the chiles one
row.  I had used up all of my eggshells in planting, so had to dig deep to
get roots and eggshells for the new holes.  I feel a lot better about that
now.  I have a bunch more stuff to plant though, and I've got a ton or so
of grass clippings getting smelly and slippery in the garden.  Scattered
showers forecast for the rest of the week.  A couple of days ago,
"scattered showers" meant a 24-hour constant rain.  Things are molding,
growing things yellowing, and we're not used to this kind of weather.
Don't know how dedicated Oregonians and maritime Washingtonians do it!