[gardeners] Hot, hot, hot

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 19:33:04

Got up this morning before dawn cracked the first time and lit a shuck for
the VA Outpatient Clinic some 50 miles away. Took Miz Anne along and
dropped her off at my Big Seester's place. Got to the clinic at 0700 and
left at 1050, this included 5 minutes in the lab, 5 minutes in the nurse's
office, and 5 minutes in the doctor's office. Rest was sit here, sit there,
go get coffee, go to bathroom, repeat the sequence. Wasted morning, I could
have been doing something positive here.

To keep to the subject, fifth straight day of triple digit heat index.
Spotty showers last night barely wet the driveway but there are severe
weather warnings 30 miles north of us. Maybe a little rain will drift this
way but I hope the forecast hail doesn't make it.

Gonna get up in the morning and harvest again. Tomatoes are starting to get
ripe and so are the chiles, them little hot suckers anyway. Got herbs to
pick and process, cukes to pick, and I want to try an immature squash or two.

Yesterday we picked and put up green beans again. Hopefully the last off
this row as blooming seems to be slowing. So far we have pickled, canned,
frozen, eaten, and given away 20 quarts of green beans off of one 24 foot
row. I am right proud to have participated in the growing thereof. When I
made Dilly Beans I had to bend some of the whole beans to get them to fit
in a quart jar. If you were gonna ask they are Kentucky Wonders, bought by
the pound at the local feed and general store. Don't know who grew the
parent stock but they knew their business.

Time for me and the dog to take a shower and get ready for bed, it's been a
long, long day. Miz Anne you ask, she's dozing and drooling on the couch, a
beautiful sight to this old geezer.