Re: [gardeners] Hot, hot, hot

Jane Burdekin (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 09:26:08 -0600

Hi George,

I used to take my parents to Fitzimmons Base and wait and wait, and wait
for them to be seen by the Dr.  The base closed a year ago, and I didn't
realize I missed it until you brought it up.  I don't miss the waiting, but
I do miss the time with my parents.  We used to make a day of it, PX,
commissarry, lunch a the officers club.  Might have to do some lunches out
with them even tho I'm working.  

I have to laugh at your harvesting peppers and tomatoes.  I'm waiting for
the tomatoes to flower, and I haven't even put the peppers in the ground
yet, might get that done today.  Some of the viet peppers are flowering. 
These are the peppers I started growing on Jan 15.  I did learn a lot about
planting from seed under lights this year tho.   Have fun with your


> Got up this morning before dawn cracked the first time and lit a shuck
> the VA Outpatient Clinic some 50 miles away. Took Miz Anne along and
> dropped her off at my Big Seester's place. Got to the clinic at 0700 and
> left at 1050, this included 5 minutes in the lab, 5 minutes in the
> office, and 5 minutes in the doctor's office. Rest was sit here, sit
> go get coffee, go to bathroom, repeat the sequence. Wasted morning, I
> have been doing something positive here.
> To keep to the subject, fifth straight day of triple digit heat index.
> Spotty showers last night barely wet the driveway but there are severe
> weather warnings 30 miles north of us. Maybe a little rain will drift
> way but I hope the forecast hail doesn't make it.
> Gonna get up in the morning and harvest again. Tomatoes are starting to
> ripe and so are the chiles, them little hot suckers anyway. Got herbs to
> pick and process, cukes to pick, and I want to try an immature squash or
> Yesterday we picked and put up green beans again. Hopefully the last off
> this row as blooming seems to be slowing. So far we have pickled, canned,
> frozen, eaten, and given away 20 quarts of green beans off of one 24 foot
> row. I am right proud to have participated in the growing thereof. When I
> made Dilly Beans I had to bend some of the whole beans to get them to fit
> in a quart jar. If you were gonna ask they are Kentucky Wonders, bought
> the pound at the local feed and general store. Don't know who grew the
> parent stock but they knew their business.
> Time for me and the dog to take a shower and get ready for bed, it's been
> long, long day. Miz Anne you ask, she's dozing and drooling on the couch,
> beautiful sight to this old geezer.
> George