Re: [gardeners] Rain

Rosemary Carlson (
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 12:35:42 -0400

Lucinda and all: We've apparently been getting your rain here in Kentucky.
Terrible weather. For the last 4 weeks, it's rained almost every day. I'm
keeping track of such things because I'm trying to have a house built - and
they can't do the excavation nor pour the footer in the rain. So, I wait -
as the interest payments on the construction loan tick away and the builder
is 4 weeks behind - which is not his fault but the fault of Mother Nature.
I'm frustrated and worried, to say the least. 

We are many, many inches over normal regarding rain. It's also cold - and
we had a record low in the 40s 2 nights ago. In zone 6!! In June! Cold and
damp. We had a warm spell (with rain) 2 weeks ago and everything started to
bloom. The cold has really caused by my Gypsy Queen and Rouge Cardinal
clematis blooms to droop. Blooming (due to the warm spell 2 weeks ago) are
the shasta daisies, red hot pokers, penstemon, all the lavenders, Johnson's
Blue perennial geraniums as well as Wargrave Pink, heather and heath,
yarrow, heliopsis, the ground cover sedums like Dragon's Blood, columbine,
veronica, and others. All the roses are blooming - though the hybrid teas
aren't doing well in the wet. The Alba Meideland shrub roses are gorgeous
as are The Fairy. New Dawn, the climber, has really impressed me this year.
The Stanwell Perpetual is blooming but looks a bit sickly. It may need a
shot of rose food. Henry Hudson bloomed early - but isn't blooming now. 

The daylilies, and other sun lovers, may never bloom in this rain. Peonies
and iris are finished and my Siberian iris never did bloom! The weather has
confused most all the plants.

The only veggies I've planted this year - because I thought I'd be moving
by summer's end - is tomatoes - which are drowning. 

All in all, there have been better spring. Keep your fingers crossed for me
for dry weather. At this rate, my house may not be ready 'til Christmas!

Since I can't work outside, I'm spending the day organizing, tossing and
pitching and filing in my home office. A daunting task!

Good gardening!

Rosemary in Lexington, KY
zone 6