Re: [gardeners] The Neighbor

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:58:14 +0000

Lucinda wrote:

> Come on, Catharine, he probably snitched the sign from someone else and has
> stuck it in his lawn just to annoy his neighbors.

Gloria called me yesterday afternoon. He actually did win it....according 
to Gloria's "source" on the Design Committee, Meaders threatened to  
quit the homeowner's association if he didn't get the award. He also 
"reminded" the Committee that he is a Big Cheese: he is on the Board of 
the Homeowner's Association and has **The Power** to abolish The Design 
Committee if he doesn't think they are "Doing Their Job."

Ah, life. Ain't it grand <bg>. Next installment: The Design Committee gets 
even with Meaders.