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penny x stamm (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 02:40:03 -0400

Liz, when I was a kid [in the days of King Arthur's court] we
always chose the flower seeds from a famous Rochester firm 
Harris Seeds. When my son moved up there, we
made a pilgrimage to the place, only to discover that they
were in the process of closing their business. I toured their
experimental fields and found a dozen cultivars of blue
ageratum growing, each with a distinctive intensity of color.

This was a legacy which they left me, for this week we planted
100 Hawaii Royal, the deepest blue of all, to border my big
annual bed of 222 sq ft. 

I've already planted a small section of an evergreen berm with
a 'lazy S curve' pattern of brachycome lavender-blue daisy-like
flowers, followed below by matching lavender-blue ageratum. It
looked good enough last summer to repeat this year... 

Of course, we're in for more of this drowning heavy rainfall for
7 more days -- it's unnerving, a polite way to say I'm hoarse
from screeming at the weather man. My favorite umbrella pine
is having problems holding its branches up -- hope the roots
are safe. And the long, slender branches of the redbud tree
are almost touching the ground! Last year the primary front
branch was sheered off the tree by a wind gust -- what a 
nightmare! I was told that the trunk would supply some new
growth, and amazingly, there are about 6 young suckers which
popped out, right in the general area. If the rest of the tree 
survives without damage, it should regain its former beauty 
within 2 or 3 years.  Maybe. I hope. If I eat all my spinach, and
wash behind my ears, and be sure to help the little old ladies
across the street in traffic .....

Penny, NY zone 6

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