Re: [gardeners] Home!

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:28:48 -0600

>Gardeners know that plant & root have roughly the same ratio as 
>visible to invisible iceberg. My squash -- fighting the rocky soil 
>have determined to use their roots to FIRST CONQUER THE ROCKS and 
>then put on their top growth. But I can't pull up the roots and five 
>remaining plants resist any effort to pull them up.
>Will our troubles never end?  Is this how our civilization will fall? 
>This morning I've put defoliant on the rest of the squash plants, but 
>as I exited the fenced area (I AM a responsible neighbor! There are 
>small children across the road, and I didn't want them to wander onto 
>squash) I heard a low chuckle. There is no one on the place but me 
>and the dog, and he looks troubled -- he wouldn't be chuckling. I 

it was gargling the Agent Orange you gave it.  Didn't you see it spit up
the peelings?  
>Pat (aka Catharine's Ma) who sill send a coded message if we are in 
>imminent danger: "SA,SA,Adieu", translated,  squash alert, squash 
>attack, Goodbye!
It's only 5" tall, Pat?  Here in Idaho insex eat the leaves at one inch,
and if it survives to 5 inches, it's pausing to catch its breath before it
makes a run for it.  Can you say "Here bunny, here bunny, here bun-rab!  A
perpetual feast awaits. "  Happy you're home safely.  Margaret