Re: [gardeners] Saved!

Catharine Vinson (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 16:39:11 +0000

Margaret wrote:

> Some people I know started out with 11 hills and when asked if that wasn't
> a lot, they answered, "No, Ray and I love zucchini.  Besides, what if we
> should have company?"  "They" had yanked out all but three hills by the
> time their company arrived, then began attacking ME just because Johnny's
> Selected Seeds Catalog said these zucchs don't produce much.  In sympathy,

Margaret, you have solved the Big Mystery: From When Do These Squahoid 
Invaders Come?

JOHNNY'S!!! I am beginning to put all the pieces of the nefarious puzzle 
together. Johnny's, in fiendish collaboration with the people who send out 
The Black Heliocopters, is nothing more than a front for The Rackets. 
Guido is their advance man. Bubbles is their Moll. 

And to think that my own Poor Dear Mother and Father almost became one of 
their Victims. I shudder. I feel faint. 

I am Deeply Disturbed. The question remains: What Makes Johnny Run? Can it 
be so simple as his failure to learn to read? What does Johnny want with 
us? Should we contact The X-Files? Or is this a caper for Mrs. Peel and