Can this be? Was Re: [gardeners] Saved!

Catharine Vinson (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 16:46:53 +0000

Pat (Ma) wrote:

>  	To celebrate our deliverance, we drove to Boerne to the Peaceful 
> Habitation, a rose emporium with 100 varieties of antique rose. We 
> bought a rose to place -- in honor and memorial -- where the squash 
> had been.	Rejoice with us. We are saved. Pat

Glory Jalepeno!!! Praise the Lord and PAss the Collection Plate as 
Preacher Billy Bob would exhort us.

One thing, though. Are you absolutely CERTAIN that all traces of the 
Squash are gone? Are you CERTAIN it's safe to plant the rose where the 
squash had been planted? What if the sqash left some sort of trace in the 
soil that would make anything ever planted in the same spot act "funny"? 

It's a strange world, Ma, and the Millenium is upon us....