[gardeners] TicToc rendevous

Bubbles Everett (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:30:57 PDT

> Dear Bubbles: You sounds like my kind of gal. I like a doll with 
> spunk, and kid, you got it. What say we get together for a game of 
> squash? Eleven at the TicToc Club? I'll wear a squash blossom in my 
> lapel so's you'll know me. Yours, ever      Guido

Hey! Guido! Lookee hear. I ain't falling for your line of palaver. I'll 
meet you at the TicToc Club but this valley_girl ain't so dumb as as she 
looks. So don't bother wearing no squash blossom in your lapel. And 
loose the white tie and black shirt too while you're at it.

Bring your wallet, cause I got a real interesting garden business 
proposition that I think can make us both real rich.


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