Re: [gardeners] Saved!

Liz Albrook (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 21:21:41 +0000 <> wrote:

> In the Texas Hill Country, the fireant reigns supreme. With their 
> voracious appetites and breeding habit they have all but eradicated 
> fleas, Lyme ticks, roaches, scorpions, and pillbugs. They have also 
> bitten all residents -- four and two legge -- increased the sales of 
> repellants, and contributed to the "Hill Country Salute" (a discreet 
> scratching when one hopes he/she is unobserved!).	A common subject 
> of conversation hereabouts is therefore, "Does the fireant represent 
> a blessing or a curse?"	

Fox network seeks to answer that question this Wednesday evening with 
their presentation "Reign of Fire:  Killer Ants".  Tonight while 
watching King of the Hill -- a show that features many Texans -- we 
saw a number of ads for this decidedly low-tech, low brow thriller.  
I can hardly wait!

I don't know whether it features thighs but it did include a shot of 
ants carrying a finger.