Re: [gardeners] Whine, Whine, Whine

George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 20:16:29

At 09:08 PM 6/25/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Geroge confessed:
>> I wuz brought up to believe only poor white trash ate collards or polk
>> salad. I don't even like mustard greens, much prefer chard or some of the
>> "new" Japanese greens.
>Lord! NExt you'll be admitting you still got them spacemen, too!!! And 
>that you put tomatoes in your chili. George, you need to get yourself to 
>the Alamo for a booster transfusion of Texian.

I do occasionally make a pot of Texas Red with a mater or two in it. Happen
to like the taste, won a couple of cook-offs with a chile made with tomato
juice, shredded venison, onions, garlic, and looottts of chili powder,
Gebhardts of course. No beans, though, to much of a purist for that. And,
see previous post about the spacemen. Saw a set on Personal fx collectors
show the other day looked just like the ones I had back when. Sold for
$900.00 in the box.
>Catharine, plum worried about George and what's happening to him down 
>there in Lousyanna.
Don't worry about me. The neighbors already think I'm crazy 'cause me and
the dog go out and howl every Monday noon when they test the emergency
horns. Noticed the neighbors looking over the fence this afternoon when I
was "swimming" in my baby pool that I use to drag stuff to the compost
heap. Filled it with water from the hose and lay down in it fully clothed.
Ahhh, nice and cool after sweating for a couple of hours. Get all wet and
then go work some more, the wind blows, the water evaporates and you're
nice and cool. Ye hah, there's that crazy Texian again!!