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Myra Amler (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:37:31 -0400

Yes, bottom watering is the best for bonsai.  Submerge untill the plant no 
longer "bubbles".  They also like to have the humidity around the raised, 
so I misted my tree frequently.

Myra Amler
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Hi Myra: THANKS! From what I read, the bonsai should be watered by sitting
it in a shallow pan of water and letting it soak up into the (shallow) pot.
So, I'll try that - with a little fish emulsion. I'd like to keep it going
- IF my house is ever built, I need plants for the screened-in porch! Some
bonsai are perfect!


At 06:38 PM 6/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I had a juniper bonsai for a number of years.  Junipers need quite a bit 
>light, so I kept it outside.  Bonsais need to be watered frequently, in 
>weather three times a day is not uncommon.  I don't know how the heck you
>are going to water through a soldified gravel. If the plant were mine, I
>would try to remove it.  Most bonsaia have loose gravel on top.  Neglect
>finally killed my bonsai, I had it when I lived in Florida and I got lazy
>about watering it one summer.
>As for feeding a bonsai, they shold be fed during their growing season.  I 
>used a weak fish emulsion, but I know that there are special bonsai
>fertilizers available.  Junipers should also be pinched to maintain a nice 
>shape.  Just pinch the new growth.  Good luck!
>Myra Amler
>"Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?" Unknown
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>Hi all: Do any of you do any bonsai? Someone gave me a gift of a small
>bonsai tree today - and I'm CLUELESS! However, I'm trying to find plants
>that will do well on my screened-in porch at my new house (if it's ever
>built) and I wonder if bonsai might not do quite well. It's a juniper - 
>is in a quite nice, flat and rectangler oriental planter. The odd thing is
>that it has something that seems to be permanent gravel on the surface of
>whatever dirt is there. The gravel acts like it's GLUED! It's real
>hard/impossible to move.
>Questions - can I water it through this gravel? Feed it? How often? How
>much sun? Screened-in porch OK at a later time?
>Any information appreciated! TIA!