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Myra Amler (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 13:09:18 -0400

You are right about the insects.  It seems like on pest crisis after 
another:aphids, japanese beetles, fleas and mosiquitos.  I've made darn 
sure that the dogs and cat have had their flea medicine as well as heart 
worm prevention.  Even though the cat is an indoor cat, I don't want to 
take any chances with her.

The poor farmers around here have had a bad time of it this year.  The 
peach crop has suffered terribly because of our late freeze.  Local produce 
has looked crummy this year.

Myra Amler
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Myra wrote:

> If it is this hot now, what will July and
> August be like???

I know. I am getting a wee bit worried. Really feel sorry for the farmers,
too. Things are not looking good for them at present. And the insects are
fearsome since we had such a mild winter.