RE: [gardeners] Dante in Georgia

Myra Amler (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:49:27 -0400


Your grandson is boiling in Spartanburg too!  A five degree difference in 
temp doesn't feel like much though, it is still hotter than blue blazes!

Wow!  Amazing growth on your cherry tomatoes!  I have had them before and I 
always just let them flop over.  However, you don't want the little 
tomatoes to touch the ground.

Sorry to hear about your raspberries!  I hate it when you watch something 
ripen and then it is taken away so quickly.  I have had the same thing 
happen with blackberries and I never get any pecans from my tree, the rats 
with bushy tails get to them first.  Don't use roundup on those bushes! 
 Just get netting.

At least your lettuce has survived the attack of Mr. Bunny.  The rabbits 
here have eaten almost every single cone flower I have.  My 'Paradoxa' 
(yellow cone flower) was totally eaten, roots and all!  White Swan is 
history. Ropel and bloodmeal have not worked.  I finally constructed a 
chicken wire cage to save the remanants of my last cone flower, perhaps at 
leats the roots will survive.

Good luck with the marigolds,let me know if it works!

Myra Amler
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