Re: [gardeners] Carolina Turkey

penny x stamm (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 00:33:34 -0400

Hi, Allen -- have never had cornbread dressing. That's a
thought....  Our cleaning lady comes to work on the morning bus
with two pans of hot corn bread every 4 weeks, just for my poor,
deprived hubby's breakfast. Talk about dedication .....   

You can't scuttle ALL Yankee Thanksgivings just on the strength
of that unfortunate one.. Did you know, BTW, that the Japanese
secretly say to each other just how can these Americans like
turkey, it's such a dry meat..? Not in the hands of a good cook,

After my five kids left home, I was a baker for 2 years, then a 
Chinese cooking teacher for 6 years, and then a private caterer 
for another 6 years, which shows you that I'll soon be 125-y-o, 
and going strong. Slowed down, yes, but hanging on.
You are a painter -- but that doesn't tell us really what you
mean. Would you explain...?

Penny, NY

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