Re: [gardeners] Carolina Turkey

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 00:49:43 -0400

The thing is, is that I've never even heard of it!  I wonder what part of
Carolinas she was in!
It may be a barbeque kind of thing.  In this small area of eastern NC,
means pork barbeque with a vinegar and pepper sauce.  No tomatoes of any
kind in it or on it.  Best barbeque in the world, but only available in its
state in this small geographical area.  Sauce recipies are very closely and
jealously guarded, and argued over.  My cousin makes the best sauce I've
had.  Heaven on earth!
It's a shame most of y'all will never have an opportunity to share in this
with us...


> Hi, y'all.  I've never seen a turkey with sweet batter on it either, and I
> grew up here.
> We do the roasted turkey stuffed with cornbread or oyster dressing.  Since
> we
> live on the coast, it's not uncommon to have seafood at the holidays.

I guess you aren't the trashy sort of southerner that Penny is
accustomed to hanging around with.  ;-)