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Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 02:01:53 +0000

John wrote:

> 	The younger generation realised that feminism was doing them more
> harm than good, judging from my sons girlfriends attitudes, and the
> younger co workers of mine

Interesting observation, John. I've never considered the things I 
mentioned as feminist issues, 'merely' human ones that are related to 
respect for individuals irrespective of gender.

. I even have women  opening doors for me, and
> standing aside to let me go first into the lift (elevator), things that I
> won't do for them. :) 

How sad that you aren't comfortable either showing or receiving those 
small courtesies of manners that many people belive make 
relatively civilized and orderly life possible.
> 	Only thing that I don't agree with, is a woman being robbed of
> total identity,like being referred to as 'Mrs John Harman', like they used
> to here. 

I'll have to disagree. The matter could be resolved so simply if people 
would simply remember that a woman is "allowed" more than one identify and 
role. Socially, she is Mrs. John Jones. Professionally, she is Mary Smith. 
So simple. 

Catharine, feeling rather crumudgeonly.