Re: [gardeners] Re: Forms of Address"

Liz Albrook (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 10:18:33 +0000

Allen and Judy Merten <> wrote:

> Hi Pat,
>     My Great Grandmother raised me for the first 8 yrs of my life. My Great
> Grandfather died when I was about 5. I have old fashioned Southern Manners
> because of that. I have attempted to open doors for several flamming femanists
> who resented it and told me so in very clear terms that I was demeaning them and
> implying that they couldn't make their way in the world without a mans help.

It's unfortunate that all groups are usually defined in the eyes of 
others by the behavior of their lowest members -- blacks are defined 
in this country by gangbangers, native americans are defined by 
alcoholics and feminists are defined by rude women.