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Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 14:24:50 -0500

Hi LIz,
    My Dad was an active union member all his life and was at one time the only Texan
on the Dem. National Selection Committe. He was involved in alsorts of community work
brought us up color blind and had no patience for fools and demagogues. However he was
not a bleeding heart liberal. He was a poor farm boy who made good, expected the same
of everyone.Especially his children. If Dad had a problem with someone it had to due
with the character or actions of that individual, not the group,sex,race,or religon
that person claimed.
    I don't take offense at those women who see a slight if you open a door or wait
for them to go first. It is a reflection of some hurt that was inflicted on them that
they haven't come to terms with. Pray one day that we all can .

Liz Albrook wrote:

> Allen and Judy Merten <> wrote:
> > Hi Pat,
> >     My Great Grandmother raised me for the first 8 yrs of my life. My Great
> > Grandfather died when I was about 5. I have old fashioned Southern Manners
> > because of that. I have attempted to open doors for several flamming femanists
> > who resented it and told me so in very clear terms that I was demeaning them and
> > implying that they couldn't make their way in the world without a mans help.
> It's unfortunate that all groups are usually defined in the eyes of
> others by the behavior of their lowest members -- blacks are defined
> in this country by gangbangers, native americans are defined by
> alcoholics and feminists are defined by rude women.
> Liz