Re: Barbeque, was Re: [gardeners] Carolina Turkey

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 15:37:16 -0600

At 04:37 PM 7/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>"Genuine" North Carolina barbeque uses a mustard-based sauce, commonly
>known as yellow sauce, and this is truly a desecration and an apostasy.
>Likewise, combining slaw with the barbeque, such as <shudder>putting it
>on a barbeque sandwich, is an abomination.  I have had some well-prepared
>pork in some parts of the Carolinas, but the only place I've found that
>has a true barbeque sauce, that being a red sauce, is JB Digger's in
>Greenville, SC.  Texas gets the sauce right, but they have this morbid
>insistence on putting it on beef.  
Well, Harry, if Texians had herded swine instead of beeves, they might've
been more interested in barbecuing pork.  But swine don't herd worth a darn
on the Old Chisholm trail.  Pigboy yells, "Git along little Duroc," and
pigs go squealing helter skelter, right beneath the bellies of the startled
horses.  Lightning?  You never saw so many baby back ribs bobbing on the
Red River.  And they don't care for off-key singing.  I think beef is more
fitting for Texas BBQ than pork.  Besides, pigs grunt so loud the cook
can't tell whether the pigboys liked them beans or not.  I think we'd
better leave them be.  Margaret