[gardeners] growing in Tx

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 16:58:54 -0500

Hi George,
    I am finally going to tell you what I'm growing here in reply to you
inquery of about a week ago This is since Jan 1.

    Potatos-Lasoda and Kennebec-500lbs
    Onions-1015y& Red Bermuda-100lbs
    Onions-Green Bunching-50 bunches
     Garlic-Texas White-36 stalks
    Turnip-Purple Globe-bushels
    Peas-Oregon Sugar Pod & Super Sugar Snap-NADA-ZILCH
    Beans( snap)-Top Crop,Contender(TC was better)bushels
    Beans(snap)-Brittle Golden Wax -bushel or more.
    Beans(pinto)-Dwarf Horticulture-<bushel
    Sweet Corn-G90 and Silver Queen-good production considering the
    Cucumber-National Pickling-started slow snowball down hill now still
    Canteloupe-Hales Jumbo,Early Sweet Hybrid,Honey Dew and Bananna
    Lettuce-Black Seeded Simpson, Butter Crunch,Early Market-drowned
    Okra-Clemson Spineless-seed failure-La.Velvet-just now getting good
    Peppers-Big Bertha&Jupiter Bell-great 5 gal bucket per wk(12
plants)like B.Bertha(still picking)
    Peppers-Jalapeno Grande and Anaheim Chili-JG 12-1/2lbs wk per 6
plants(still picking)
    Squash-Yellow Early Prolific Straight Neck-5gal perday(18 plants 6
died)still picking
    Squash-Zucchini Black Beauty-2gal per day (6 plants)3 bushel total
Mosaic virus dead
    Watermelon-Crimson Sweet-8melons so far doz. or so on vines
    Watermelon-Sugar Baby no harvest 30 odd on vines
    Watermelon-Yellow Meat Hybrid-2melons and doz. or so on vines
    Tomato-Bingo,Heatwave,Celebrity,Beef Steak and Carnival-31 5gal
buckets so far
    Tomato-Sweet 100-7-8lbs per day
 Thats all other than some blue Hopi Corn,Mini Indian Corn and Reg
Indian Corn. As I harvest I'm planting Black Oil SunFlowers to feed to
the birds this winter if the grasshoppers don't eat it all up. By the
way no pesticides in my garden.
    If I am able to do so before the next back sugery I'm gonna expand
from 1/3 to1/2 acre for the fall garden.  Hey the weather radio just
went off. Atropical system is going to make landfall near Brownsville.
Should expect 1-3" of rain maybe 4-6" Dancing in the rain I'll be, with
the birds and squirrels and Buddy and Boots. Maybe Judy if I can talk
her into it..
    Happy Gardening
    Bastrop Co.,Tx
    Zone 8