Re: [gardeners] Re: Forms of Address"

John Harman (
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 09:32:43 +1000 (EST)

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998 wrote:

> John Harman's worrying about feminism seems odd in an Australian, for 
> in visiting  Australia I was charmed by the comfortable 
> attitude shown between men and women. I liked their use of the term 
> "Mate" as an endearment; they  seemed to have fun together 
> and to respect the each other's worth.	

	Thats generally true. It was mainly in the work place that
feminism caused a lot of trouble and tension. Luckily these days it has
mostly dissipated. I certainly treat women differently at work, than I do
socially. It's just one of the hangovers of living through that era.
"Mate" is a term used by ozzie men to address each other. You sometimes
hear a woman call a man mate, but not often. 

> 	And please tell me, why wouldn't you step aside to let a woman 
> into an elevator first? What if she got there first? Surely you 
> don't barge ahead of those who preceeded you in space and time; that 
> would be tantamount to saying, "I rank you" and between strangers, 
> good manners says there is no rank. We can only prove "what" we are 
> by our words and our actions and if we are truly "strangers" that has 
> not yet been discovered. Pat 	 
	No I don't barge in front of people, but I don't stand back to
allow a woman to proceed me like I would have done years ago either. It is
considered 'patronizing' don't you know. :)