[gardeners] bridges and such

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 02:22:17 -0500

Hi Penny,
    Thanks for the compliment. All are appreciated!!
    I chose to paint because when you walk away at the end of the day
everyone can tell if you are pulling your share of the load or not. Its
one of those jobs especially the high work that you can get on an ego
trip and say you might buy your paint brush at Sears but you ain't gonna
bring it up here. I used to hate those Sears commercials that showed the
happy young couple merrily painting their house and then lovingly one
paints the other ones nose. Oh yeah, right. Besides if you use paint
guaranteed for 20 yrs and you don't prepare right that paint job may not
last 6 mo. before you start seeing things you don't want to. I loved the
high work. Lots of feeling free like a bird. Of course its really gonna
keep you on your toes when your next step could be a really long one.
    So instead of having some drudge job it was more of an adventure
every day. Loved it offshore in the Gulf of Mexico to. Just hated 13 hr
boat rides. I get very seasick in certain wave conditions. Going by
helicopter was great. Never get airsick.
Oops. Gotta go. The timer just told me 7qts of tomato sauce are done.
    Bastrop Co.,Tx