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>>Allen wrote:
>>> Hi Catherine,
>>>     Eastern Art
>>Hmmm, maybe, but the light just isn't the same back East. Hill Country 
>>light quality is so clear, for example. Ditto Wyoming, Montana. Nothing 
>>comparable East of the Mississippi, with the exception of Hudson River 
>>Valley maybe.
>I think altitude has a lot to do with it -- clearer air.  Sometimes on a
>very cold winter's day the light is very similar, crisp, clean and clear.
>I am inclined to think it's because of the thinness of the atmosphere high
>up and in winter here.  The rest of the east in the river areas and eastern
>woodlands is too humid to be very clear.

Heck no, It's BETTER! As much as I love to whine about missing Hawaii and
it's beautiful sunsets and wonderful cloud formations (always an
interesting sky show, often several types of clouds in various parts of the
sky, sun setting into the ocean, rainbows-sometimes even at night, and "So
where do ya wanna watch the sunset from tonight? sea level or 13,000 feet?")

 It just doesn't compare to a summers evening "yellow light" here in North
Carolina. It's hard to describe, but it's as beautiful as almost any sunset
in Hawaii, with only maybe 6-7 evenings worth of exceptions off the top of
my head.

 And watch your mouth about the BBQ ;-) 'Slaw rules, taters make me even
fatter than I am!
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