Re: [gardeners] July 4; - DeDe hopes Belle calls that Boswell Fe

Cousin DeDe (
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 11:45:28 +0000

Cousin DeDe wrote:

>Well, I see you had yourself one of your celebrated non-traditional July
>4ths.  We did too, up here in upper Gamboozia.
Dear Cousin Belle,

That mail lady just brung me your fine letter. Praises, it surely is fine 
to ear from you this morning. Sounds to me like your branch of the family 
had themselves a poppin' good 4th. I surely hope you didn't run out 
of butter though 'cause you know that nothing goes with popcorn like some
that's freshly churned. But from your reporting (always real fine it 
is, too; it ain't no wonder they give you that newspaper column), it 
sounds like Cousin Judy hadn't been tending her paddle the way she's 
supposed to.

Now about your Sheriff Yin. You reckon he's kin to Preacher's Sheriff Yang?
I surely hope not, 'cause that Yang ain't nothin' but bad seed looking for
bad soil to grow in. On the other hand, maybe they be two sides of coin and
no more like each other than morning like night. You poke your nose
around and I'll follow mine and maybe we can find out a little something
about Yin and Yang. 

This little problem it looks like your having is troubling me worse than 
my rheumatiz. From where I sit (and at my age, I do a lot of it), sounds 
to me like Cousin Billdo deserved exactly what he got. But I ain't sure 
that pushing a fellow's face into the pond when he's done been messing 
around growing some kind of hootched up corn is a wrong 'un. Seems to me 
that The County Agent ought to be able to straighten out things about the 
corn. If Billdo's been planting seed that ain't on the Approved List, 
well, then that's one thing and Billdo's right where he belongs. But you, 
Belle? I ain't certain that you been fairly represented before you got 
yourself remanded. I think you ought to ask that Boswell fellow if he'll 
speak up for you. After all, he was the one to rid the world of the Giant 
Mutant Squashiod. Ain't nothing that branch of the family ain't strong 
enough to face, and that's the Truth.

Well, I gotta get back to my chores. Gardens getting real parched and the
wells beginning to worry me. But we'll manage and I knows you will to,
cause remember: No matter how hot it gets, a Real Belle is never one to

Cousin DeDe