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Catharine Vinson (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 00:04:43 +0000

bahzit shurg wrote:

>how do you make really good saurkraut?

A couple  of "recipes" follow. The most important thing in making good 
sauerkraut is the variety of cabbage you use. What variety(ies) are you 
growing? You want a light green, "kraut" cabbage.

German sauerkraut #1 (skim and cold pack)
Start with a clean stone crock. Shred cabbage, place in the crock in 
layers as follows:  cabbage, Kosher  salt, caraway seeds. Make each 
layer of cabbage about a 1/5th to 1/6th of the crock depth.

After all of the ingredents are in place, fill the crock with water. 
Weight the mixture with a rock, a piece of wood -- the idea is to keep the 
cabbage submerged. Put the crock where the temperature stays constanst. 
The basement is idea. Let the mixture "cook". Check it after a week and 
skim off the "grunge" that's collected on top.  Let the kraut stay 
in the cock until it's soured to your taste. Once the kraut is ready 
you can either freeze it or put it up using cold pack canning procedures.

German sauerkraut #2 (easy) (this comes from Steve Johnson on another 
First: You will need either a big crock or I use clean 5 gallon
pails. (Check your local dairy and restararaunts).
Wash them out with a little warm water and baking soda.

This recipe is so simple and doesn't require any skimming off any top
layers because you seal the sauerkraut airtight.

Here it is:
1. Mix 3 Tablespoons of Kosher Coarse Salt to 5 pounds of cabbage in a
large bowl and mix thoroughly. Let set a minute or two and let it sweat.

2. Press and pack firmly in the pails or crocks.Push with both hands to
compact as hard as possible.

3. Fill the pails or crocks to about 5 to 6 inches from the top.

4. Take 2 plastic garbage size bags and place inside each other for double

5. Place bags in crocks or pails on top of the cabbage and slowly fill with
water until the water reaches to the top of the pails. Then tie the bags
off tightly so as not to allow leakage. I recommend that you place the
pails where you want to store your sauerkraut to process before you fill
the bags with water so you do not disturb the seal.

6. Then just wait 5 to 6 weeks and you have sauerkraut.

7. I bag mine in 2 quart ziplock freezer bags and freeze them and simply
take them out and unthaw them as I use them.

Important Notes:
Once crocks or pails are sealed do not peek for 6 weeks because
the air is what produces the yeast or mold growths which you don't want.

Also it is important that you follow and weigh your cabbage and use proper
amount of the coarse salt as stated.

CV's note - If you use a pail instead of a stone crock, make certain the 
pail is FOOD GRADE material!!!

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b