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Sun, 05 Jul 1998 23:48:26 -0500

Hi Catherine,
    I didn't expect a Southron Belle from Altanta to know how to make kraut.
Laws what a surprise!

Catharine Vinson wrote:

> bahzit shurg wrote:
> >how do you make really good saurkraut?
> A couple  of "recipes" follow. The most important thing in making good
> sauerkraut is the variety of cabbage you use. What variety(ies) are you
> growing? You want a light green, "kraut" cabbage.
> German sauerkraut #1 (skim and cold pack)
> ==============================
> Start with a clean stone crock. Shred cabbage, place in the crock in
> layers as follows:  cabbage, Kosher  salt, caraway seeds. Make each
> layer of cabbage about a 1/5th to 1/6th of the crock depth.
> After all of the ingredents are in place, fill the crock with water.
> Weight the mixture with a rock, a piece of wood -- the idea is to keep the
> cabbage submerged. Put the crock where the temperature stays constanst.
> The basement is idea. Let the mixture "cook". Check it after a week and
> skim off the "grunge" that's collected on top.  Let the kraut stay
> in the cock until it's soured to your taste. Once the kraut is ready
> you can either freeze it or put it up using cold pack canning procedures.
> German sauerkraut #2 (easy) (this comes from Steve Johnson on another
> list)
> ==================================================
> First: You will need either a big crock or I use clean 5 gallon
> pails. (Check your local dairy and restararaunts).
> Wash them out with a little warm water and baking soda.
> This recipe is so simple and doesn't require any skimming off any top
> layers because you seal the sauerkraut airtight.
> Here it is:
> 1. Mix 3 Tablespoons of Kosher Coarse Salt to 5 pounds of cabbage in a
> large bowl and mix thoroughly. Let set a minute or two and let it sweat.
> 2. Press and pack firmly in the pails or crocks.Push with both hands to
> compact as hard as possible.
> 3. Fill the pails or crocks to about 5 to 6 inches from the top.
> 4. Take 2 plastic garbage size bags and place inside each other for double
> thickness.
> 5. Place bags in crocks or pails on top of the cabbage and slowly fill with
> water until the water reaches to the top of the pails. Then tie the bags
> off tightly so as not to allow leakage. I recommend that you place the
> pails where you want to store your sauerkraut to process before you fill
> the bags with water so you do not disturb the seal.
> 6. Then just wait 5 to 6 weeks and you have sauerkraut.
> 7. I bag mine in 2 quart ziplock freezer bags and freeze them and simply
> take them out and unthaw them as I use them.
> Important Notes:
> Once crocks or pails are sealed do not peek for 6 weeks because
> the air is what produces the yeast or mold growths which you don't want.
> Also it is important that you follow and weigh your cabbage and use proper
> amount of the coarse salt as stated.
> CV's note - If you use a pail instead of a stone crock, make certain the
> pail is FOOD GRADE material!!!
> Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b