Re: [gardeners] Beulah Mae Replies

Cousin DeDe/dede (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 23:32:16 +0000

Dearest Beulah Mae,

Hearing from you is as good as finding a bowl full of  Cousin 
Gloria's creamed corn on the supper table. Gloria makes her corn the 
old-fashioned way: cuts them kernels off the cob with a real sharp knife, 
then scrapes the cob real good with the back of a silver knife before she 
wrings the cob with her very own hands to make sure she gets every last 
bit of the cream. Nothing's better.

Anyway, I read your letter while I was enjoying Gloria's corn. Gotta say 
that the corn started getting cold while I was puzzling over the news of 
why Lizzie Lu would take herself off to spend a weekend in Spokane and 
then make you eat all that funny foreign food that can't be good for a 
God-fearing Christian woman from Mississippi. So don't you think that your 
wailing about it comes across like melodrama.....when it comes to puffing 
oneself up and making one's troubles seem bigger than they are, we all 
know who takes the prize. But we won't say no more about that. Preacher 
done told us what to do when we start thinking in that direction.

I ain't got time to write too much tonight. The wash is done, but the 
floors ain't waxed, the cornfield ain't hoed, the goats ain't milked, and 
the national budget ain't balanced (I been reading me a book on How to 
Live Like a King on $50 a Week, and I figure that once I finish the book, 
I'll be absolutely ready to take on telling the country how to guide the 
the Gross National Projects into Insolvency and Runaway Inflation.)

I'll write you tomorrow. I got to clear up your mind about Chatty's 
'taters. She didn't use her no food coloring. Them 'taters GROWED like 
that and that's a fact. Chatty says she got her starts from a place in 
Idaho; I just be shaking my head. I don't know what The County Agent would 
say about her sending off for no 'taters in the mail! Ain't fittin; just 
ain't fittin.

Keep that donut handy; it'll cushion the ride along the highways of life,
Your cousin DeDe/dede (as the spirit moves me, etc., etc., etc.)