[gardeners] DeDe expounds on Bambies Missionary Work

Cousin DeDe/dede (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:27:23 +0000

Dear Cousin Ella Mae,

This news about Cousin Bambie's interest in Missionary Work ain't too 
suprising to an old woman like me. Older we get, the more we get to 
thinking that our time here is moving right along, and it won't be too 
long before we are standing up there afore St. Peter having to give 
account for what we done in this world. Preacher says there ain't nothing 
like Missionary Work to please St. Peter. It's almost like getting two 
merit badges for the same tithe when you give with your mind, as well as 
your wallet.

So, I think we should be real proud of our Cousin Bambie. Way I look at 
it, them Eyetalian folk got Missionary Work down pat. They got all that 
Tradition behind 'em, after all. And they got themself The Holy FAther in 
Rome as an example of how to get the poor to give, give, give so as the 
Holy Fathers can live real well to inspire the faithful that good works is 
their own rewards.

I bet that Guido fellow took a page from the Holy FAther's book. THink on 
it a little, gal. That feller in Rome wears mighty fancy clothes. So does 
Guido. That feller in Rome wears real flashy jewelry. So does Guido. So 
it's to be expected that Cousin Bambi would be sparkling like a pop-top on 
the blacktop pavement, too. Them jewels is what them Missionary Folk call 
an Outward And Visable Sign to the faithful. The more you shine, the more 
goodness you got in you. Sounds like our Cousin Bambie has gotten herself 
filled with goodness.

But I agree that it would be a sight thoughtful of her if she'd share some 
her sparkle with her kin. We need all the goodness we can get. 

I got to go. I'm getting powerful worried about Cousin Belle. I hear tell 
that jail time can be real disagreeable. And she can't be too happy about 
having to wear that pink polyester dress two days in  a row. 

Take care now,
Cousin Dede/DeDe (as the spirit moves her and it often does)